Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Is this my beginningggggg....or is this the eeeeeeeeeend"

"When will I see you agaaain. (when will i see you again)
Ha ha...ooooh ooo ooooh (precious moments)"

When will I see you again - The Three Degrees

Who listens to music from the 1970's? Just me then? Hmmm k.

So I are gymming in the am now ya'll! It is beginning to become a need. My alarm goes off at 6, and by 6:30 I am so awake my bed becomes annoying. So its either waste an hour laying there thinking about going to gym, or actually getting up and going. The getting up is easier to deal with than the guilt.

Today I got up, but didn't go to gym. I thought I was being clever.
"Why don't I get up and clean my flat before work instead of going to gym? That way when I come home it will be clean."

Brilliant right? WRONG. I'm so tired right now I could pass out on my keyboard and not be at all concerned that I will have qwerty inprinted backwards on my forehead. And I only got to do the bathroom! I guess it is either a sign of how dirty my bathroom actually was, or how I really hate cleaning. The latter I think, cos that is way less embarrassing.

Food has become my new hobby. Like really, I'm becoming obsessed. I want to try all these different recipes and am looking to eat less animal products. It's cheaper and healthier and tastes good - but we all know way less delicious than meat or chicken. I know I'm not going to be fooling anybody whose had a juicy medium-rare steak prepared just right. Oh god...

So basically what I'm saying is that I'm bored and hungry at work and now I'm reading food blogs. I will peruse what is available and let you guys know next week if I have a favourite.

Yes, you heard me, I'll try and post at least once a week so that Sid is not the only one in charge of wasting your bosses money. LOL.

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  1. ja, not so much 70s, but to the 80s i say, bring on the shoulder pads! also, food blogs - way ahead of you. my fave is nina tim's 'my easy cooking'. then try jamie who on aficianado - he does healthier, organic type dishes, as well as good restaurant reviews, but sometimes very ra-ra.