Friday, October 16, 2009

Birthday Madness Weekend - free advertising

So this weekend is exceptionally full for me. I've got three friends who are having birthdays in one week. Any coincidence that this week signifies the middle of spring, when food starts to become abundant again and the days become warmer? Hmm - biology is a beautiful thing.

K, so back to my hectic weekend. Birthday one: after work drinks and snacks at Jamaica Me Crazy (affectionately known as JMC). Really good food, great drinks, and Monday Madness means you get to enjoy both for half the price, whilst there is happy hour everyday with selected cocktails at half price from 5-6, so its the perfect hangout for an after-work destress session.

Next Birthday: my cousin's gorgeous girlfriend (and I don't just say that because its her b-day, she is REALLY PRETTY...bitch) is having a party at a club in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, Living Room. (Stupid name, I know. Why don't they just call it The Lounge? But then it would probably get confused with the old Lounge that is now called Zula. Yes people, me and Town go way back). She has a guestlist, so entry is free for me! Oh yeah baby, me love me some free shit. Living Room is a bit uppity, and the drinks are a tad more expensive but then you got a DRANK! and not some excuse for a shot.

Then finally Saturday there are drinks at my place with some friends (as you can see, I have a liver of steel!) Afterwards is a b-day party at Strata Lounge in the South. Lansdowne to be more precise. It's more of a little sister club to the very big @mosphere - which is a playground. If you are older than 22, don't bother. It's not for you. They should change the name to Jailbait. Once again I am on a guestlist, so more free shit for MP!! Whoop whoop!!!

So guys please wish me luck as I set off at 5pm on my adventure. Did I mention that I'm on allergy meds which could have a nasty interactions with alcohol? I'm looking forward to see how nasty they can be. I'm nothing if not thorough.

What are you up to? Going out or laying low this weekend? Either way, enjoy and pray no one let's me drive this weekend.

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