Thursday, February 2, 2012

Don't get too excited...this might not last that long

So I just had lus to write now. I'm supposed to be doing work but this is part of being a WABber.

(WAB: work avoidance behaviour. Now you can all put a name to the disease that you've had for years. You're welcome.)

So this dude at a party on Saturday told me that when a man pulls up his pants he magically becomes a virgin again (read: you can tell when a woman has been around but not a man). Ja, I was surprised by this piece of news too. It would explain why most men, no matter how old they are, still don't know where the G-spot is. But let's cut them some slack ladies. I mean, if your memory of every sexual encounter was magically being erased every time you pulled up your pants, you'd struggle too I suppose. Oh wait, women would shower and change their outfit...nevermind.

So its really disturbing when you see pics on FB of people you have not seen in FOREVER (eg high school, university) who were super skinny and now are super fat. And I know its mean but I always end up thinking "Who ate all the pies? YOU ate all the pies!" (Disclaimer: I have never been exactly skinny, but I'm one of those people that gained weight since high school, so I think I'm allowed to say whatever I want about my people.)

So I want to buy property but not sure what to buy. Flat vs house. I want a dog, so there's that to consider. Also, I want it close enough to my work so that I can keep getting up at 7:30 without having to sacrifice my first born child to pay for it.

So all these thoughts have started with so....
That's it, was just saying.

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  1. When I see ppl I haven't seen in ages, and they've picked up a lot of weight, I can't help thinking, "Is THIS what marriage does to you?"