Thursday, August 6, 2009

So THAT was weird!!!

Last night I went to bed kinda late. And then I played Vortex on my Ipod for half an hour before falling asleep. Now I don't know if its because I was talking about marine worm identification with someone yesterday, or the fact that my mom's dog had puppies yesterday morning and my neice (5 yrs old) called me at 6 (I only wake up at 7:30) to tell me but last nights dream was rather...

Hmm, I don't know how to describe it in one word. Am I unworthy of blog?!!

So it starts with me moving into this huge house. Now I've been trying to save up for a deposit on a house for a while now and doing research on home loans, and in my dream this is now my house. Whoop whoop for me!!!

Anyways, me and the familia are unpacking boxes and still carrying stuff into the house. But for some strange reason I never see them, I just know they are there. I go outside to get another box to take into the house and there is this huge dark chocolatey mottled Scooby Doo dog outside. I love dogs, and I'm not scared of them at all even though I almost lost my right thumb in a dog biting incident when I was 4. So I go up to the dog and start playing with him and scratching his head. He puts his fore paws on my shoulders, and now we are the same height. And this is where the dream just went to shit julle. These spiky worm looking things fall from the dog onto my thighs (I'm wearing shorts, don't ask me why). And as I try to brush them off they start sinking into my skin.
I know, like WTF!!!

So they disappear under my skin, and I call my mother but she doesn't hear me. She's a nurse so she would probably know what the fuck just happened. The dog disappears, obviously satisfied that he has done his job of infecting me with whatever, and I make my way back into the house to find my mother. Then I feel this funny feeling in my legs. These worm things are moving under my skin. I can see and feel it! First they move up, and this is where I have a moment like that scene from Evolution where Orlando Jones has to decide between saving his balls or his leg. "Take the leg, take the leg!"

But then the worm things start moving down. Now they ar moving from my right to my left leg towards my left foot. And this is when I realise they were working on their exit strategy and have decided that the best place to leave is that space between your big toe and your other toe (on your hand its your forefinger, so I guess its your foretoe?)

Ok, so I'm feeling kinda relieved cos the worm things are leaving. Only its not worms that are coming out, its really big black fly thingies now. But they are relatively soft so I'm squishing them as they come out and I'm still calling for my mother and she is still not coming. Then my alarm went off and I woke up, feeling a little freaked out but mostly pissed cos my mom didn't pitch and I still don't know what the hell those things were.

PS: for those with a penchant for the mystical, take a stab at deciphering my dream. I'd love to hear what you think it might mean.

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  1. Funniest part of this post ..."Take the leg. Take the leg".