Thursday, August 13, 2009

You're kidding, right?!

Sorry I've been lazy lately, I know you feeling neglected and unloved my dear, sweet blog. Unfortunately I was a bit sick (check out Sid's blog about Friday night, times that by two and you'll know why). But I'm all better now and mommy will never ever leave you again!

So I'm all sick yesterday and I'm checking my e-mails from home. Obviously I didn't open any attachments, I mean, that's what work internet is for. Duh!
So today I'm back in the office and as everyone knows checking your personal e-mail is always top priority when you are at work, and lo and behold my cousin has sent me one of those chinese proverb powerpoint presentation thingies. It's all about how money can buy you this but it won't get you that. You know, the usual "love vs. money, don't be a capitalist" communist propaganda that you have to forward to at least 20 people or your life will turn to shit and do you really want to take that chance because someone actually ignored this mail and the next day had an accidental castration while going to remove his tonsils. No Bullshit.

Ooh, Ipod is playing use somebody by kings of leon. Love that voice!!!

So the powerpoint thingy, and this is where it gets funny peeps. I totally burst out laughing. Check out the print screen. I did not make this up, if you like I will forward it to you.

Like are you fucking serious?! There are some way deep Chino-Nordic(?) people in the world yo! If ever there was a time to hit delete it should have been here. But no, millions of dumbasses around the world have forwarded this to people they think need some enlightenment. Firstly, sending shit like this makes an inference on the person you sending it to. I personally don't need Jesus, I know I am a good woman, I am not giving money to a dying baby that has been the same age for the last 4 years, I already don't buy perfume in a parking lot and I'm not afraid of the person I love not calling me within 20min and then ending up alone for the rest of my life.

I wish I could get all insulted and self-righteous everytime someone sends me this shit, but then I have to remember that they got it from somebody else and did not have the presence of mind to think "What exactly is this ho tryin to say?!!" and probably would not get why my reply would be laden with sarcasm and disdane because "I thought it was so poignant and beautiful".

Death to the Forward button!!! You suck.

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