Monday, August 3, 2009

What’s in a name?

I’ve been in KwaZulu-Natal for the last five days. Was ok. Not too exciting. Went there for work, and used the opportunity to go and visit my TOTALLY you-know-that-word-that-people-use-to-describe-a-family-that’s-not-so-lekker-but-I-just-can’t-think-of-it-right-now family. (Everyone is going to put it in their comment. I can see it now, and I thank you in advance. What is that damn word?!!!)

Anyways, I flew back this afternoon and guess what the pilot’s name was…

Captain Steel.

Like. Oh. My. GAWD.

That has got to be the coolest name in the history of aviation.

“Good afternoon ladies and gentleman. Your pilot today is Captain Steel.”

I was like “What did just say?!” It sounds like a friggin super hero is flying the plane, and you know that shit makes you feel safe and cool for no reason other than it sounds cool. That man must be drowning in the puntang.

“Hey Susie, meet my friend. Captain Steel.” (Simultaneously swooning and panty creaming.)

I can see it now, the Captain Steel comic series. He is the pilot that saves the day from impending doom, always there when you need him.

“Oh no, the landing gear won’t lock.” (Scared voice of obviously ill equipped pilot.)

“Don’t worry! I, Captain Steel shall land the plane.” (In big booming superhero voice. Feel the bass.)

Please someone take these lines and draw a comic to go with it. This I need to see.


  1. I can't draw ...
    I don't know what word you're talking about coz you know my family is PERFECT ...
    Also when did you become funny?

  2. dysfunctional? is that it?

    i can't believe you actually said "panty creaming"...


  3. Thank you Marcia. That is exactly the word I was looking for. However, I would like to invite others to come up with other words. Come on guys, we're on this thing becos we we think we have superior vocabs. Whip out your urban dictionaries!!!

  4. what about...."verkramp" ?
    doesn´t everybody have family members like that?

  5. In our rest-camp in Botswana, we were met by the security guard/receptionist/safari guide/camp master dude, named Max Power. And ontop of all that, he had the most dazzling smile ever (even the guys noticed it..)