Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wait for meeee...!!!

(I ignore you)
As I close my eyes,
I feel it all slipping away
(I come towards you)
We all got left behind,
We let it all slip away
Left Behind by Slipknot

I've been feeling really insecure lately. I don't know when I started feeling like this, but its been a niggling thing for a while. I'm feeling like life, real life, is passing me by. I haven't done anything I've ever really wanted to do. Not really. I wanted to meet the love of my life, get married (tres cliche I know), and have a bunch of kids while maintaining the inner tension of my va jay jay (don't pretend that you've never been worried about that decreasing after childbirth).

I wanted to be settled. Have my house, building towards my old age, achieved all the little things...
Play my guitar properly. Learn the drums, build the bookshelf I've always wanted, achieve that bikini body, RECYCLE!!!

I'm 26, and I haven't done any of it. Is it too late?


  1. Yup. It's over man. You might as well give up. I mean god, 26... that's like what, almost 90? GET A GRIP! I bet you can start and be well on your way with ALL of the above before you hit 30 Get cracking! ;)

  2. LOL! Thanks Juan. A good kick in the crotch is just what I needed.